By Cj Malone on

I've been trying to set this site indexed by DuckDuckGo so that I can use it's sitesearch feature instead of creating search for myself. DuckDuckGo is just an aggregator, and so doesn't index pages on its own. Instead I've tried to be indexed by Yandex in the hopes that it trickles down into DuckDuckGo.

But now Yandex has locked me out of my webmaster account, because "I could have been hacked or have a virus", but it will all be solved as soon as I give them a phone number. Possibly just for 2FA, but idk. Hopefully it will still index now it has the sitemap, even though I can't log in.

In case that doesn't happen I've submitted my sitemap to Google webmaster and that is slowly crawling the site. If I have to use Google's sitesearch, I guess I will, although it's not ideal.